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November 2016
Edition of 300
20 Pages
14 color pictures
Singer Boinding

ISBN 9788894134193

Design :: Teresa Piardi
Intereview :: Chiara Bardelli Nonino / Alessia Glaviano

Muddy Waters

With Muddy Waters Christto & Andrew explore how beauty can be objective through the awareness of ordinary characters and objects. Christto Sanz and Andrew Weir live and work in Doha, inside the Qatar Gulf, but they are not native of the country; the condition of ‘espatriate’ reveals their attention and curiosity on what happens around them, the unexpected changes in economical, social, cultural fields in the city and in the country in which they work and live. This punctual observation was the starting point for their first body of work Unparalleled Objectivity, where they explored the concept of identity and the impact of the globalization in a transition context.  Their position of outsider allow their gaze to be non-conventional (and traditional) on the Middle East; the team work permits to develop a complex and shared language, analyzing the photographic medium as a creator of images that stand between the real and the technologically-built world of Qatar.

Limited Edition of 300 copies signed and numbered



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