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May 2015
15×20 cm
62 pages
Coil binding

ISBN 9788894031966

Teleplay – Part.1

Notable for their curiously unsettling shabbiness, Catharine Maloney’s photographs are clearly testament to the author’s laissez faire attitude to perfection and technical mastery. By shooting with a medium format camera, scanning in the film and routinely tinkering with the images in Photoshop, the Texan-born artist then gets prints made cheaply and either draws on them or creates collages. They combine the coarse ingenuity of mixing and layering various media with an ambiguous and uneasy decontextualisation of objects and subjects. Peopling the images, figures can often appear multiple times within the same work, and superimpositions, doublings and reflections are all commonplace. So too are distortions in scale and perspective. All the long-held notions of space and temporality appear to collapse revealing photography’s limits and inherent contradictions.
___Tim Clark

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Best Book of 2015 on Humble Arts Foundation
Best Book of 2015 on Thomas Sauvin’s list for Photo-eye
Best Book of 2015 on Gabriela Cendoya Blog



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