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I RESTI DEL VIANDANTE - Giuseppe De Mattia


February 2014
Edition of 100
44 Pages
ISBN 9788873262275

Designed by Valentina Casali
Text by Rinaldo Censi


Photographs go by as if they composed the remains of a lost film of which emerge only a single frame […] It is important to underline how Giuseppe De Mattia’s view can capture some aspects of the geographical conformation of the land, how some layers have overlapped: time, rain, how the salty air and wind have shaped the rocks […] But it is especially the way in which the photographs are combined that strikes the viewer: their assembly. The way a rocky declivity on the coast, cursed by remains (bags, nets, plastic, what remains, maybe, of the sea storm) is combined with an anatomic fragment, a nude shoulder, covered by moles. Assembly: lets go form the mottled rocky walls to the skin, the coetaneous layer, the photo sensible film of a body similar to the astronomical map of a far away galaxy.


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