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IT'S FUNNY* - Simone Bergantini

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January 2016
Single Sheet Folded
LLEGS design by Paolo Berra


The artist constantly tries to catch something. In the same way, the impatient hand in the anonymous image communicates the vibrant anxiety of the gesture. Simone Bergantini is like J. D. Salinger’s catcher. But what can he really catch? Some shared images, maybe. Or maybe just the sensation that they can exist only in that dimension – the web. It may be a dimension by which we are so absorbed that we do not know how to rule that yet. On the contrary, we may think that the control, which those who existed before us cared about has been abandoned now. It is likely that the tendency to embrace the unclear and the unsuccessful attempt to define its boundaries represents a new scenario, which we have to get familiar to. It is hard, of course. However, it is the artist who has the ungrateful duty of catching something from his – or her – own age. [...]
Luca Panaro

MOUSSE Magazine
YET Magazine

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