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TROPHIES - Simone Bergantini

29.00 35.00

September 2018
Edition of 500
96 pages
Hardcover on Imitlin
Black foil printing

ISBN 9788894895155

Designed by Davide&Golia

The work is a reflection about victory, and analyses through visual suggestions its two key aspects: goals and trails. I think we live in an era in which we represent ourself through the social network only as winners, so I imagined creating this great showcase of black and white, strange trophies, using only fragments of other people victories.

This second part of the work is a real fitness path I realized with an architecture studio: an impassable golden gym, a suitable space for mind training. The installation will be assembled with a series of gold-coated - 24K - brass sculptures/links, retrieving shapes and materials from the visually-emptied trophies. 

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trophies 0275.jpg
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